Friday, December 4, 2015

Meaglow - Optimum Plasma Source to Substrate Distance

Here is a recent white paper from Meaglow on plasma source substrate distance optimization.

What is the optimum distance to the substrate?

This question is frequently asked by Meaglow customers. The short answer is: if you’re replacing an existing ICP source with a Meaglow hollow cathode, then using the same distance will be appropriate. Using the same distance will give you results that will allow you to compare the advantages of your hollow cathode source. The same operating conditions can be used, though there may be changes in the growth per cycle, and improvement in the quality of the material - the extent of which will be material dependent. The long answer is: the optimum distance is dependent on a number of variables. Plasma gas type, the material being deposited, the metalorganics used, the gas pressure, the power  applied to the plasma source and the flow rate from the plasma  source, all interact to determine this value. Some guidelines can be provided. Generally there are two  overriding considerations: delivery of a high flux of active species  to enhance growth rate, versus the damage that the material being deposited can sustain.

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