Friday, December 4, 2015

Picosun & ALD - Enabling Future Industries

Here is a new Winter issue of the Picosun magazine covering the latest developments in this ever expanding ALD company from Finland - Born in Kirkkonummi, Born to ALD and as you know Santa comes from Finland and that´s why there are only stone hard gifts for Christmas.

In this issue:
• PICOPLATFORM™ vacuum cluster tools solidify their presence in industrial
ALD market
• Picosun provides batch ALD technology for medical and aerospace electronics
• PICOPLASMA™ technology paves the way for future microelectronics
• Picosun hires new professionals to lead foreign operations

Customer interviews:
• Prof. Paul R. Berger, USA
• Dr. Peter King, United Kingdom
• Dr. Kaushal Vora and Dr. Fouad Karouta, Australia

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