Saturday, December 12, 2015

Korean ALD OEM NCD repeat order from Hyndai Heavy Industries

Korean ALD equipment manufacturer NCD reports repeat order from Hyndai Heavy Industries (HHI) for Al2O3 ALD passivation.

"NCD has recently contracted with HYUNDAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES(HHI) to supply 200MW of solar cell manufacture equipment which would be worth about 4million US dollars. The equipment is Lucida GS Series ALD system for high efficiency crystalline solar cell using Al2O3-ALD passivation to reduce surface defects on the rear side and then could get higher efficiency than normal soar cells. This equipment is the same model of previous supplied one at HHI as repeat order so it might be considered that the customer has confirmed the technology of NCD and the excellence in the equipment." Press release:

The Lucida GS is a high throughput atomic layer deposition system for surface passivation of c-Si solar cells (

The Lucida GS has quite impresive through put and depending on which version you they can reach up to 3,200 solar wafer per hour.


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