Welcome to The Best ALD Blog!
I started the BALD Engineering ALD News Blog in January 2014 using Blogger.com as platform. The blog covers new and old developments in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and related technologies and applications. Much of the news originates from The ALD LinkedIn Group, Google News and Twitter #ALDep. Since the start in December 2014 I have posted more than 1,500 blog posts and have had more than 400,000 visitors to the Blog.

If you would like contribute or to sponsor the blog please do not hesitate to contact me directly. With respect to sponsoring there are many options ranging from simple logotypes to larger animated banners and custom blogs on a topic you choose.

I am tracking the ALD process and equipment industry in great detail and BALD Engineering is publishing a Technical Marketing & News site for ALD with up to 15,000 Monthly visitors from the ALD Community : http://www.blog.baldengineering.com/

Please let me know if you have ALD news to share with the ALD community or would be interested in Technical marketing and sponsoring offer.

As a background check for you, I am working with companies from all over the world (USA, Japan, Korea, France and Finland) and examples of Technical Marketing with BALD Engineering advice and participation:

1) Hitachi High-Technologies and Picosun Oy launch a collaboration in Plasma-enhanced ALD

2) NCD enables ALD decorative coatings with high productivity and low expense

3) Encapsulix SAS selected as supplier of ALD-TFE deposition systems by leading Asian AMOLED manufacturer

4) RASIRC BRUTE® peroxide and hydrazine technology for leading edge memory and high performance logic

5) In USA: Ozone for high quality High-k Capacitors by Atomic Layer Deposition

Kind regards,

With kind regards,
Jonas Sundqvist

Dr. Jonas Sundqvist
BALD Engineering AB

SE-139 55 Värmdö, Sweden

Mobile Germany: +49 (0) 152 0294 3083

ALD News Blog Visitor Statistics

Monthly visitor statistics showing a steady growth for over more than one year. My original personal goal was to hit 10,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2015, which seems to be the case already in half time! 

Referring sites to the Blog - almost half of the traffic comes from LinkedIn, which is a strong sign that the readers of the blog are to large extent technology professionals.

The readers of the blog come from the ALD Community as can be seen by that all top 10 blog posts are related to ALD Technology.

  • There are many blogs that target ”The Nano Community” - The BALD Blog Targets “The ALD Community” and “The ALD Industry”
  • Many of these Nano blogs target Academia and R&D - The BALD Blog has readers in the Industry and especially the Semiconductor Industry and uses the LinkedIn platform to keep in touch with the industry experts. 
  • Not many blogs written by westerners has a reader base in Asia - The BALD Blog see recent strong growth in Asia including Russia, Japan and Korea and recently also China and India.

Visitor statistics February 2016 for The ALD News Blog. Visitors all time >130,000.

The LinkedIn ALD Group

I started the ALD Group on Linked in April 2009 when Qimonda the world’s 3rd largest DRAM manufacturer went down the drain. Every year I take a look at the member statistics and it is still like it has been since the start that the typical member is a senior male semiconductor R&D professional located in San Francisco area. New is that the 2nd biggest region representation in the group is Finland followed by Boston as number three. What has happened since then is that South Korea and Taiwan has overtaken the previous number two Dresden, Germany and number four Netherlands. Please see the basic statistics below.

The vast majority of the readers of The ALD blog come from postings on LinkedIn and especially for The LinkedIn ALD Group


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  14. I started the BALD Engineering ALD News Blog in January 2014 using Blogger.com as platform. The blog covers new and old developments in Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) and related technologies and applications. Much of the news originates from The ALD LinkedIn Group, Google News and Twitter #ALDep. Since the start in December 2014 I have posted more than 1,500 blog posts and have had more than 400,000 visitors to the Blog.

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