ALD Applications in the semiconductor industry

Here is an overview of the ALD applications in the semiconductor industry that has made it into high volume manufacturing. This page is under construction starting off with a focus on 300 mm processing equipment. Please submit missing applications and OEMs with reference if you would like to contribute:

Products on 300 mm wafer processing

  • Logic by IDMs and Foundries 
  • Memory - DRAM
  • Memory - NAND and 3DNAND Flash
  • Analog, Power Electronics, CIS, DSP, MEMS, MRAM, SOC, and others


IC Knowledge produces a database of all the 300 mm fabs in the world, including both currently operating fabs and announced new fabs. The 2019 – revision 03 version is available now and includes detailed profiles of 190 fabs. As of the end of 2019, IC Knowledge expects 146 – 300 mm fabs to be operating made up of 14 development fabs and 132 productions fabs [SemiWiki LINK].
The worldwide number of 300mm fabs by type and year [LINK] 

IC Knowledge LLC segments the fabs into 15 product segments, and the three biggest segments all use ALD processes in high volume production for more than 10 years:
  • Logic by IDMs and Foundries ~ 65 Fabs
  • Memory - DRAM ~ 18 Fabs
  • Memory - NAND and 3DNAND Flash ~20 Fabs
These will be described first, and the other (Analog, Power Electronics, CIS, DSP, MEMS, MRAM, SOC, and others ) will follow in a future update.

ALD Original Equipment Manufacturers

Here is an alphabetic list of confirmed suppliers of ALD Equipment for high volume manufacturing of 300 mm wafers. These companies have an annual revenue all together of USD 1.5 to 1.8 M in ALD Equipment (Reference: ASMI, VLSI, Gartner, own assessments).
  • Aixtron (Germany), has sold is ALD business unit (ex-Genus) to Eugene Technology, now operating under the bran EuGenus: LINK
  • Applied Materials (USA): LINK
  • ASM International (Netherlands) : LINK
  • Beijing NAURA Microelectronics Equipment Co.,Ltd. : LINK 
  • CN1 (South Korea): LINK
  • Eugene Technology (South Korea), Bought ex-Genus business unit from Aixtron, now operating under the brand EuGenus: LINK
  • Hitachi Kokusai (Japan), is under purchase proceedings by Applied Materials: LINK 
  • Isac  Research (South Korea): LINK 
  • Jusung Engineering (South Korea): LINK 
  • Lam Research (USA): LINK
  • NCD (South Korea): LINK
  • Picosun Oy (Finland): LINK 
  • Tokyo Electron (Japan): LINK
  • Veeco CNT (USA): LINK 
  • Wonik IPS (South Korea): LINK

ALD Layers & Materials

Material Product Application Precursors
Al2O3 DRAM capacitor dielectric TMA
HfO2 Logic gate oxide HfCl4
HfO2 DRAM capacitor dielectric Hf alkyl amides, HfCp´s