Thursday, April 30, 2015

Pneumatic flow reactor for continuous production

Here is a very interesting new Spatial ALD Technology for coating particles - Delft IMP.

"Delft IMP (Intensified Materials Production) commercializes nanostructuring of particles using atomic and molecular layer deposition (ALD and MLD), based on the patented and publicized IP and know-how developed within the Product & Process Engineering (PPE) group at Delft University of Technology. Following various feasibility projects between industry and university, Delft IMP was initiated end 2014 to truly commercialize the technology."

Pneumatic flow reactor for continuous production 
"For catalysis, required volumes are much higher, and stringent product control over the entire production is needed. For this purpose, Delft IMP and Technical University of Delft have developed a new patent protected reactor concept, a based on pneumatic transport, as shown in figure below."

ALD scale-up

Schematic of ALD in a pneumatic transport reactor. Check out the company web from more details here

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The 11th Korean ALD Workshop was held 24th April 2015 in Seoul, Korea

The 11th Korean ALD Workshop was held 24th April 2015 organized by Hanyang University.

Also last year Hanyang University and Professor Jeon organized this event as reported by the blog then :

"I have hosted this important workshop last 10 years. This year the attendees were over 300 and Hall was very crowded and there were 8 invited speakers and Steve and Greg were among them." said Professor Jeon at Han-Yang University in 2014.

Congratulations to a successful 11th Korean ALD Workshop!