Thursday, April 9, 2015

Gooooooold! #ALDep #BarryLab in Canada

Twitter 6th of April 2015:

"Gooooooold! #ALDep #BarryLab"
"It is hard to express how beautiful this UNIFORM GOLD FILM actually looks... #ALDep "

We all must agree it does look beautiful and we can´t wait to get more details on this ALD Process from Sean Barry & Co at Barry LabDepartment of Chemistry Carleton University in Canada

Uniform gold deposited by ALD in Barry Lab (picture from twitter)

Team Canada - gold medalists (from left) Goran Bacic, Peter Gordon, Agnes Kurek, Prof. Awesome, Sydney Buttera, Jackie Addo, Jenny Mcleod, Matt Griffiths, Peter Pallister, Dave Madia. (from Barry Lab Web page) 

I think this one is heading to Canada and that Juhana Kostamo is the driver, there is a reflection so it is hard to judge but it could also be Timo Malinen who´s driving with Juhana as co-driver.

Canadian Bow Tie

Some bald guy

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