Saturday, April 25, 2015

Welcome China, Russia, Ukraine and Sweden to The Best ALD Blog!

This has been a very interesting week on probably The Best ALD blog. First thing that happened after posing about a Russian ALD technology for ceramic super capacitors was that suddenly there was a lot of traffic from Russia and Ukraine. Usually these two countries are at no. 9 and 10 position in the traffic statistics. Then only 30 minutes after posting about a Chinese / US breakthrough on doping and un-doping graphene FETs by ALD China came in on the top 10 visitor statistics for the first time ever.

I am really happy of this development and my new goal will be to get new readers in South America and Africa. In Africa there is actually somebody reading the blog out of Algeria so that should be a good starting point for further expansion. Also for sure I am also happy to see all the Swedish readers that have found the blog since I moved to Sweden early this year - Välkomna!

Weekly statistics 19th 20 25th of April 2015 for The Best ALD Blog.

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