Friday, April 3, 2015

Picosun’s ALD technology protects pumps

Picosun Oy, introduces a novel, patented method to extend the service life of pumps and compressors.

"Mechanical wear and corrosion of the moving pump and compressor parts is the main factor leading to vibration, malfunction, and the need to replace the damaged components over time. These maintenance breaks lead to downtime of the systems connected to these equipment, interrupted production and financial losses at worst. Picosun’s ALD technology now provides a simple and cost-efficient method to extend the time between the maintenance breaks and to lengthen the operational lifetime of pumps and compressors."

“Protecting pumps and compressors against wear and corrosion by ALD is a new branching for us and a very important one as a supportive service to our already existing production ALD solutions. In our key market segments, IC- and other semiconductor industries, the most of the manufacturing steps happen under vacuum and involve the use of potentially corroding chemicals and gases which drift to the abatement system after the actual process. Eliminating the detrimental effect of these substances on the abatement system parts not only increases the total yield of the factory but also saves costs in a form of reduced number of service breaks,” states Mr. Timo Malinen, Chief Operating Officer of Picosun.


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