Tuesday, April 7, 2015

HERALD events in 2015

HERALD (COST action MP1402) aims to structure and integrate European research activity in atomic layer deposition (ALD), bringing together existing groups, promoting young scientists and reaching out to industry and the public.

So far, over a 100 researchers from academia and industry are taking part in HERALD and we welcome new members.  If your country is participating already, you can simply join our LinkedIn group. Please visit the current web page for the latest information. Below is a summar table of the activities and events in 2015. 

Chair of the HERALD action: Dr Simon Elliott, Tyndall National Institute, email: simon.elliott -at- tyndall.ie 



HERALD events in 2015
Co-organised workshop
WG1 workshop
Training school
Co-organised conference
WG4 workshop
Workshop on ALD applications for battery materials
15-16 Sep 2015
Gent, BE
Co-organised conference
Action meeting
Annual HERALD Day
30 Sep 2015
Tartu, ES
Co-organised workshop and training school
Co-organised workshop

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