Saturday, December 12, 2015

Picosun's PICOPLATFORM™ ALD cluster tool with batch flipping mechanism

As you all know Santa Claus is operating out of North of Finland and he and his little helpers have busy times right now to fulfill everyone wishes for Christmas. To help in a bit on the way Picosun has developed a ALD Batch Tool with an amazing batch flipping loading mechanism. Yeah that´s right a fully automatic ALD cluster tool running ALD Batch processes!

Below is a video showcasing the ALD Batch Cluster Tool with the Flip laoding mechanism and there are many more videos from Picosun to look at here :

Picosun's PICOPLATFORM™ multi-chamber ALD cluster tool with fully automatic central vacuum robot sample handling & vacuum batch flipping mechanism.

You can really sense how the Tier 1 ALD suppliers are getting nervous here due to their limited offering in Batch ALD to Mini Batch processing 4 or 5 wafers at a time or stand alone Large Batch Furnaces loading more than 100 wafers. Such big loads back end people typically not like since the wafers have such a high value if they survived front end processing. 4 wafers is also a rather annoying number since a Lot is typically 25 wafers in production.  I think Picosun has actually developed a platform that the market always wanted for productive ALD - Lot processing (25 wafers) so you can run lot to lot processing.  

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