Thursday, December 10, 2015

Imec owned IEDM 2015 and presented 23 papers

Imec seemed to have owned IEDM 2015 and presented 23 papers 2015. Woah! I remember some years ago they "only" presented 11 papers. Imec also organized a Imec Technology Forum - a meeting – by invitation only – that took place December 6 at the Belgian Embassy in Washington

I am extremely proud with the record number of 23 papers that we present at this year’s IEDM2015. Our presence rewards and confirms our leading position in advanced semiconductor R&D. As much as 10 of the presented papers concerned the different aspects of our advanced logic program.

Next to our research efforts to extend silicon CMOS technology into 7nm technology node and beyond. We are looking into beyond silicon CMOS, integrating high mobility materials to increase the channel mobility, and explore new concepts beyond silicon such as spintronics and 2D materials.
Luc Van den hove - President and CEO, imec

Many papers - So I will need to dig into this in more detail... I'll be back.

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