Saturday, December 26, 2015

Aussie receive Award and spends it all on an ALD trip to Boston

I once got an award and spend it all on a trip across the Baltic pond on a 2 week trip to Helsinki to learn about in-situ ALD from the Master Anti Rahtu and twice to visit two other masters in in-situ ALD Jaan Aarik and Kaupo Kulki in Tartu, Estonia. Here we have a lucky ALD-Guy from Down Under who gets to travel across the globe from Melbourne to Boston to spend 2 weeks of ALD in the Cambridge Nanotech ALD Applications Lab. This must be travel money well spent!

Please send us a picture!

As reported by Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication: Congratulations to MCN (ANFF-VIC) Process Engineer, Dr Lachlan Hyde for nabbing a coveted Frater Award at this year's annual ANFF showcase in Brisbane. The Frater's are local/international travel awards aimed at fostering technical and professional growth of ANFF staff. Lachlan will be using his award to travel to Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech's labs in Boston for a two week stint devoted to ALD process development.

MCN (ANFF-VIC) Process Engineer, Dr Lachlan Hyde receive Frater Award at this year's annual ANFF showcase in Brisbane. (Source MCN)

MCN are operating a Cambridge Nanotech ALD Fiji F200 & Savannah s100 ALD systems. The MCN is a world-class nanofabrication centre, combining cutting-edge technologies with the knowledge and skills of expert process engineers. The MCN represents a $50million investment in micro- nanotechnology infrastructure as a joint venture between six Victorian Universities and the CSIRO. It is located in the heart of the South-East Melbourne Innovation Precinct and is openly accessible to any researchers in academia, CSIRO or industry. The MCN is the largest and broadest capability within the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF). By connecting the national research facilities in micro/nano fabrication, ANFF enables research institutions and industry clients around Australia to identify partners, collaborate and innovate. (

Ultratech/CambridgeNanoTech provides thin film coating services of a variety of materials and they  have many ALD systems in their applications laboratory dedicated to coating services. In addition, they have invested in a variety of analytical instruments in house that are used to analyze and optimize deposited films ensure for quality and uniformity. (

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