Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Versum Materials - Air Products Materials Spin-Off set for growth

Here is an interview and video with Air Products soon-to-be chief executive, Guillermo Novo who will lead the spin-off Materials Divisioan of Air Products named Versum Materials.

Versum Materials will have an estimated global workforce of about 3,300 at 24 plants, including more than 500 employees locally.
"At $2.1 billion [in annual sales] we'll be one of the larger chemical-materials players in the industry. We're going to be one of the more profitable ones. So our goal has to be growth"

Says Guillermo Novo who has been with Air Products since 2012 previously with Rohm and Haas and later Dow Chemical Co.

When it comes to ALD and CVD, Air Products is very strong in silicon precursors and maybe not so much in high-k. It will be interesting to see if they will now put more effort in developing metal precursors for the fast growing market in metal ALD precursors like e.g. source/drain contacts, BEOL applications such barrier/seed, copper cap and alternatives metallization metals. For sure also another fast growing market is silicon precursors used for liners and spacer applications such as multiple patterning.

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