Tuesday, December 1, 2015

IBM TJ Watson Research to present an ALD Ge-Sb-Te Phase Change Material at IEDM 2015

IBM TJ Watson Research to present an ALD Ge-Sb-Te Phase Change Material at IEDM 2015.

Crystalline-as-Deposited ALD Phase Change Material Confined PCM Cell for High Density Storage Class Memory, M. BrightSky, N. Sosa, T. Masuda*, W. Kim, S. Kim, A. Ray,  R. Bruce, J. Gonsalves,  Y. Zhu, K. Suu*, and C. Lam, IBM TJ Watson Research, *ULVAC
We show a robust 4:1 aspect ratio 33nm diameter confined PCM cell which utilizes an in-situ metal nitride liner plus nano-crystalline-as-deposited ALD Ge-Sb-Te phase change material. We report a programming endurance of beyond 1E10, 80ns 10x switching, and a path towards a high density PCM suitable for Storage Class Memory.
Memory Technology PCRAM and Flash: http://ieee-iedm.org/session-3-circuit-device-integration-advanced-cmos-technology-platform/

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