Wednesday, December 16, 2015

LaAlO3/STO interface with a Chemically Switchable Ultraviolet Luminescence

A new effect discovered at Drexel University of a material stack that could be used to relay information between molecules by UV light like in a memory chip but with the significant advantage of doing it without an electric current.

"While studying a sample of lanthanum aluminate film on a strontinum titanate crystal, the team, led by Drexel College of Engineering Professor Jonathan E. Spanier, Andrew M. Rappe, from Penn; Lane W. Martin, from Berkeley and Temple's Xiaoxing Xi, discovered that the sample was beginning to emit intense levels of UV light. Carefully reproducing the experimental conditions helped them realize that water molecules might be playing a role in the UV light being emitted from inside the material."

In the presence of a water molecule on its surface, lanthanum aluminate film on a strontium titanate crystal emits ultraviolet light from its interior (Drexel University).

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