Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Photo show from EuroCVD 20 in Sempach

Here all pictures that appear on Twitter (#EuroCVD), Facebook, LinkedIn or that people send me (jonas.sundqvist@baldengineering.com) will be collected!
Main page of Euro CVD 20 : http://eurocvd20.empa.ch/index.html 


Prof. Hoffman opening the Euro CVD and the famous CVD flag hanging in the background (Photo by Henrik Pedersen)

HERALD Flyers! (Twitter, Henrik Pedersen)

Hoffman and Devi presented HERALD (Twitter, Henrik Pedersen)

Michael Hitchman makes a big announcement: after 20 years, he will retire as the editor of the journal CVD (Twitter, Sean Barry)


Don´t miss the talk by Henrik Pedersen, Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Linköping University, making an effort to unite us all "A combined ALD-CVD route for group 13 nitride based high frequency devices" Thursday 16 July, 09:30. Here a preview of the talk in the making (Twitter, Henrik Pedersen).

Preview slide from Sean Barry "Growth of Nanocones from Water" (shared on Twitter)

Ruud van Ommen giving his talk on ALD on nano powders using Fluidized bed reactors first publish in Russia 1979 (Photo by Henrik Pedersen)

Talk by Sean Barry on seedless GaO nano wire growth by pulsed CVD (Photo by Henrik Pedersen)

New ketoiminate Y precursors from Devi's group and for yttria stabilized cubic hafnia by ALD and post deposition anneal (Twitter, Henrik Pedersen)

The talk by Prof. Pedersen from Linköping University on combining ALD and CVD for InN (Twitter, Sean Barry)

Ending of Euro CVD Twenty by Prof. Hoffmann (Twitter, Louise)

Poster sessions

Ann-Louise Andersson at her poster on TiO2 AACVD / Hybrid CVD using surfactants (Photo by Henrik Pedersen)

Trade show

Free Aixtron MOCVD System (Henrik Pedersen)

Dinners and Receptions

Mini golf tournament (Twitter, Russell Binions)


Sempach is a cute little town (Sean Barry, Twitter).

The gathering of ducks in the CVD Duck Pond - Euro CVD!  (Picture by Sean Barry, from Twitter)

A typically Swiss picture (Twitter, Russel BinIons)

Scenic Sempach (Twitter, Sean Barry)

Local gun shop  (Henrik Pedersen)

Boat cruise on the Sempach Lake (Henrik Pedersen)





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