Sunday, July 19, 2015

Self-Correcting Process For High Quality Patterning By Atomic Layer Deposition

An interesting publication using ALD for advanced pattering method which is a quite hot topic these days when lithography tools are swelling in all directions and just getting slower - The research is from the Bent Research Group at Stanford University!

Self-Correcting Process For High Quality Patterning By Atomic Layer Deposition.

Minaye Hashemi FS, Prasittichai C, Bent SF.



Schematic demonstrating self-aligned patterning through a combination of selective deposition (using ODPA SAM blocking layer on Cu oxide) and selective removal (using acid) of dielectric material. (Graphical abstract ACS Nano, Article ASAP,DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b03125)

Nanoscale patterning of materials is widely used in a variety of device applications. Area selective atomic layer deposition (ALD) has shown promise for deposition of patterned structures with sub-nanometer thickness control. However, the current process is limited in its ability to achieve good selectivity for thicker films formed at higher number of ALD cycles. In this report, we demonstrate a strategy for achieving selective film deposition via a self-correcting process on patterned Cu/SiO2 substrates. We employ the intrinsically selective adsorption of octadecylphosphonic acid self-assembled monolayers on Cu over SiO2 surfaces to selectively create a resist layer only on Cu. ALD is then performed on the patterns to deposit a dielectric film. A mild etchant is subsequently used to selectively remove any residual dielectric film deposited on the Cu surface while leaving the dielectric film on SiO2 unaffected. The selectivity achieved after this treatment, measured by compositional analysis, is found to be ten times greater than for conventional area selective ALD.

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