Friday, July 3, 2015

UPDATED - 2014 PEALD Year in Review

The Plasma ALD Guy has updated his 2014 PEALD Year in Review : and republished below.

"To date, I have tracked down 131 publications using PEALD films accepted for publication during 2014. There are probably others I have not yet come across. Papers in which the focus is the development of PEALD films tend to be quite easy to track down. When PEALD is just one of the techniques utilized for some new application, finding the paper can be challenging, especially when few processing details are offered at which to point a search engine. Identifying these publications may be more challenging, but it is fun when I do find them and it is great to see the breadth of applications for which PEALD films are being utilized."

2014 PEALD Publications by Month

2014 PEALD Films

2014 PEALD Hardware

2014 PEALD Locations

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