Wednesday, July 29, 2015

>10,000 visitors in July 2015 to the BALD Blog

In July there was more than 10,000 visitors already now with still some time left, which is a all time record. All in all I had soon 75,000 visitors since the start from 102 different countries! This is very rewarding and I would hope to do this permanently one day.

Considering the summer months June to August last year had a slow down in visitor and that all the Finns are out on vacation and have dropped out of the monthly top 10 list for the first time I think that I must be very happy with the visitor statistics for the summer 2015 so far. Somehow I managed to keep a growth also over summer which I am very happy for! Both the ALD 2015, EuroCVD, SEMICON West and Angela Merkels visit to Dresden has contributed that that fore sure. 

Another page that has been very successful so far is the Job page. If didn´t know about it until now you can find it here and you are most welcome to submit ALD jobs directly to me and I will post them for you - It is for free!

A big thank you to all blog visitors and I hope you all come back next month and please feel free to bring your friends! Tack så mycket! :-)

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