Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Leading Edge Embedded NVM Workshop September 28-30 at Centre Microélectronique de Provence

The "Leading Edge Embedded NVM Workshop" (e-NVM), with the support of "l'Ecole Nationale Supérieur des Mines de Saint-Etienne", is organized by ARCSIS, a trade association for the microelectronics and semiconductor activities in the Provence-Alpes-Riviera (PACA) region, in France. ARCSIS participates in assuring sustainability, full economic development and enhanced competitiveness of the regional microelectronics and communicating objects industry.

Further to the success of the second edition of the «Leading-edge Embedded Non Volatile Memories» workshop in 2013 with over 180 international participants, ARCSIS reiterates the event in 2015 at the «Centre Microélectronique de Provence» in Gardanne (Aix-en-Provence area, France). The third edition of this workshop dedicated to embedded non-volatile memories takes place from 28 to 30 of September 2015.

The aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers and industrials of both sides of the chain around Embedded Non-Volatile Memories: designers and manufacturers on the one hand and contractors and end-users on the other hand.

Worldwide specialists in research and industry of Embedded NVM domain have participated in e-NVM: Altis Semiconductor, Applied Materials, ASM International, ATMEL, CEA-LETI-MINATEC, CEA-Liten, Crocus Technology, Cypress Semiconductor, ELMOS Semiconductor AG, EMSE / CMP, EM Microelectronics (Swatch), Gemalto, Globalfoundries, Grace Semiconductor, IMEC, IM2NP Aix –Marseille University, Infineon Technologies AG, Inside Secure, Institut des Matériaux de Nantes, Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris, LIRMM, Molecular Electronics Research Institute (MERI JSC), Nantero, NXP Semiconductors, Oerlikon Systems, Polytech’Nice, Rambus, Robert Bosch Gmbh, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, Starchip, STMicroelectronics, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG...

Some companies and laboratories have already confirmed their participation as invited speakers: 

Aix-Marseille University-IM2NP (France) - Vincenzo Della Marca
CEA-LETI (France) - Bastien Giraud
CEA-Leti and IM2NP (France) - Alexandre Levisse
CEA, LETI, MINATEC Campus (France) - Gabriele Navarro
CEA-SACLAY (France) - Christian Gamrat
Crocus/LIRMM (France) - Sophiane Senni
Crossbar (USA) - Sylvain Dubois
Cypress Spansion (USA) - Igor Kouznetsov
Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (Germany) - Dr Vikas Rana
GLOBALFOUNDRIES Europe (Germany) - Robert Meier
Grace Semiconductor (China) - Weiran Kong
IM2NP (France) - Damien Deleruyelle
Inside Secure (France) - Laurent Sustek
Integrated System Solution Inc. (USA) - Julian Chang
Kilopass (USA) - André Hassan
Macronix (Taiwan) - Jocelyn Carroue
Panasonic (Japan) - Takumi Mikawa
Politecnico di Torino (Italy) - Elena Ioana Vatajelu
Rhealtys (France) - Jean-Pierre Delesse
Safran/Morpho (France) - Nicolas Prawitz
Samsung (Korea) - Jisung Kim
SMIC (China) - Jay Ning
SST-Microchip (USA) - Alex Kotov
SST-Microchip (USA) - Nhan Do
Starchip (France) - Speaker to be confirmed
STMicroelectronics – MMS Group (Italy) - Antonino Conte

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