Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Beneq Introduces New Rotary Spatial ALD Solution

Today Beneq is reporting (Press release) : Beneq, a leading supplier of ALD equipment and thin film coating services, and Lotus Applied Technology, a technology development and licensing company working to break down the cost and throughput limitations of conventional Atomic Layer Deposition, today announced that they have signed a licensing agreement about Lotus Applied Technology’s Vortex ALD technology. Beneq will be using the technology developed by LotusAT in new rotary spatial ALD equipment that provides low process cost and high productivity in industrial ALD applications, such as barrier, passivation, insulation and protection applications for MEMS, LED, OLED, photovoltaics, memory, battery and sensors. 

A fast industrial solution for high performance coating of wafers

The new equipment will provide an optimal solution for ALD on wafers in industrial applications and will complement Beneq’s extensive portfolio of large-throughput spatial ALD solutions for industrial use, which already includes roll-to roll ALD equipment and continuous large-area ALD solutions for moving sheet substrates.

Demo equipment of the new rotary spatial ALD solution is already available and being tested with Beneq industry partners. First deliveries of industrial equipment are expected to take place in 2017.

The agreement brings together Beneq’s expertise in industrial ALD solutions and commercializing new ALD technology alongside LotusAT’s knowledge of ALD technology that offer the high quality and attributes of ALD films at speeds and costs superior to conventional PVD and CVD technologies.

High precision optical coatings and ultimate barriers

The plasma enhanced rotary ALD process of the new spatial ALD reactor is ideal for fast high precision coating. It provides PVD-level cost and productivity in industrial applications with better quality of coating and an easier processing. The system lends itself to barrier, passivation, insulation and protection applications for MEMS, LED, OLED, photovoltaics, memory, battery, sensors and many other components, and wafer-based thin film coating applications where speed, cost and the highest possible film quality are the driving factors.

Target customers for the new rotary spatial ALD solution are industrial companies looking for cost-effective equipment for demanding applications, such as high precision optical coatings. Such coating solutions can be used for improving the optical performance of various optical components such as LEDs, IR cut-off filters, lenses, diffractive optics etc. The rotary spatial system also offers economic way to produce micrometer-thick coatings. Specifically, the low-temperature process for high and low index materials combined with high deposition rate enables industrially viable production method for anti-reflective coatings on plastic lenses.

A technology licensing agreement with Lotus Applied Technology

“The Vortex ALD technology we have developed allows faster deposition rates than traditional batch production methods, while maintaining the ultimate quality of the coating. We are excited to license the technology to Beneq for their new ALD equipment. Beneq’s knowledge of industrial ALD solutions and thin film coating production guarantees the industrial thin film coating market will get a great commercial solution for rotary spatial ALD,” says Eric Dickey, President of Lotus Applied Technology.

Adds Tommi Vainio, Vice President, Thin Film Equipment at Beneq: “High productivity industrial ALD solutions form a key part of Beneq’s equipment business and we have big plans for developing our spatial ALD offering further. LotusAT is a pioneer in optimizing spatial ALD solutions for technically demanding and cost-sensitive thin film applications. By licensing their Vortex ALD technology, we will shorten the time to market of our next industrial spatial ALD solutions.”

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