Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vortex Rotary Batch ALD by Lotus Applied Technology

Some days ago Beneq  shared news about the next solution of their spatial ALD equipment family: A new rotary spatial reactor that they are developing based on technology licensed from Lotus Applied Technology.

This form of Spatial ALD technology is pretty cool and for those of you interested details on the technology can be found here

"Instead of pulsing and purging precursors from a static substrate in a single chamber, the substrate is transported by rotation to the various precursor and purge zones of the reactor, eliminating the time required for precursor introduction, saturation, and purge with each ALD cycle. Further, Lotus’ patented Radical Enabled ALD process, incorporating Precursor “Separation” by Radical Deactivation technology, greatly simplifies zone separation in the reactor, and enables the use of a simple DC plasma for PEALD processing.

In summary, Lotus’ Vortex Rotary ALD offers many advantages, including:
  • Batch deposition speeds of several angstroms per second – faster than many oxide sputtering processes
  • Low particulate generation – no coating anywhere in the chamber except on the substrates and carrier surface
  • Low materials costs – precursors are consumed only on the substrate track – exhausted precursor material may be captured and re-used
  • Low temperature processing using simple DC plasma
  • All the advantages of ALD coatings

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