Thursday, April 28, 2016

UPDATE! Tutorials on Atomic-Layer-Processing – Sunday 24th July ALD2016 Dublin

Tutorial on Atomic-Layer-Processing – Sunday 24th July

Time  Speaker  Organisation  Title 
13:00 Fred Roozeboom TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands Processing for 3D-IC Technologies
13:30 Annelies Delabie IMEC, Belgium Atomic layer processing of 2D materials for beyond CMOS applications
14:00 Break
14:15 Sumit Agarwal Colorado School of Mines USA Plasma Physics and Diagnostics
14:45 Stephan Wege Plasway GmbH, Germany Plasma Processing Reactor Design
15:15 Keren Kanarik Lam Research, USA Overview of Atomic Layer Etching
15:45 Break
16:00 Sean Barry Carleton University, Canada ALD Precursor Design & Synthesis
16:30 Massimo Tallarida Alba, Spain Characterization of ALD processes and Materials using Synchrotron Light
17:00 Coaches to Guinness Storehouse for Welcome Reception

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