Thursday, May 28, 2015

Asenov claims Nanowire transistors (NWT) favourite to succeed FinFET at 5 nm

Nanowire transistors are the most likely successor to finfets and will scale to 5nm, says Professor Asen Asenov, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Glasgow University and CEO of Gold Standard Simulations (GSS) which specialises in the predictive simulation of nano-CMOS devices including statistical variability and reliability.

”While 16/14nm FinFETs are about to enter volume production at the major foundries, the next generation transistors suitable for 7nm CMOS and below are already on the drawing board,” says Asenov, “one of the best candidates “Gate all around” transistors, better known as nanowire transistors (NWT), have superior scaling properties compared to FinFETs and can be scaled to channel lengths of approximately 5nm. ”

Mobile charge distribution in a NWT with different cross-sections suitable for 7nm CMOS technology. Due to quantum mechanical confinement effects ‘strange’ patterns determine the Source' Drain' Gate' Spacer' Channel' positions of the current flow in the nanowire cross-section (Picure from GSS).

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