Monday, May 25, 2015

The first Russian PEALD Sytem presented at VacuumTechExpo2015 in Russia

Research Institute of Precise Machine Manufactory has been awarded for ALD coating unit at VacuumTechExpo2015. This is first R&D PEALD system designed and manufactured in Russia. The company locates in Zelenograd, Moscow.

The new ALD coating unit with remote inductively coupled plasma source and heated substrate holder.

Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing (NIITM) was established in 1962 in Zelenograd to become a key enterprise with the main focus on creation of specific processing equipment for electronic industry. Equipment based on NIITM development formed the foundation of semiconductor production in Russia and Soviet republics.

Equipment of the company was exported to the CMEA countries and China. Nowadays Research Institute of Precision Machine Manufacturing belongs to a group of companies "Micron" - the largest producer and exporter of integrated circuits in Russia and the CIS countries.

Research and production activities of NIITM are marked by a variety of fundamental and applied researches and developments: a number of scientific works are published; more than 600 certificates for the invention and patents are received.

Innovative projects of the company are awarded by state decorations, Orders and Medals at international exhibitions.

NIITM offers services for development of a wide range of research and industrial technological equipment and supplies vacuum-plasma and physical and thermal chambers as well as clusters based on it for process implementation in nano-, micro- and electronics, medicine, solar energy, etc.

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