Saturday, May 9, 2015

ALD Technology on top by PV Magazine - The 2nd ALD Boom?

ALD equipment manufacturing technologies came in on top in the 50 Technology Highlight report by PV Magazine as published in the 2015 April issue. Both SoLayTec (#2) and AVACO (#8) made the top 10.

Not only did these two ALD companies make it to this honorable list they also made some major progress business wise. So the question is now will 2015 be like 2005 when ALD made it in to high volume manufacturing for a commodity product in the Semiconductor Industry at the introduction of high-k dielectrics for the DRAM memory cell capacitors - The 2nd ALD BOOM!

"Mr. Fokko Pentinga, Chief Executive Officer of Amtech, commented, 'We made much progress in the quarter including the successful close of the BTU acquisition and the integration of both BTU and SoLayTec is progressing according to plan. Bookings continued at a healthy rate in the quarter and our backlog is at the highest level in the last three years. The mix of product in our backlog, including PECVD, ion implant, and atomic layer deposition systems (ALD), is a direct result of our decision several years ago to invest in expanding the size of our served available markets through product development and acquisition. Global solar installations continue to grow and the balance between supply and demand continues to improve. With strong growth of the market in 2015 and beyond, we see an increase in activity among top tier solar cell manufacturers to expand production both inside and outside of China and we are pleased to fully participate in the industry's selective capacity expansion and technology adaptation.'"

According to earlier reports in April "AVACO received additional volume order for PV manufacturing line that will be installed in China from one of the major solar manufacturer in the U.S. AVACO specializes in the manufacturing sputtering (PVD) vacuum deposition equipment, SuVAS™, and atomic Layer deposition (ALD) equipment AEON™. With the expertise in providing the turnkey manufacturing solution, AVACO boosts the PV market momentum."

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