Friday, January 8, 2016

Strem Organometallic and inorganic compounds for CVD & ALD

I assume many of you have got your ALD & CVD research success partially thanks to companies like Strem supply us with ALD and CVD precursors. Here is an update as promoted by Strem: Researchers investigating chemical vapour deposition (CVD) would certainly call this field of study a mature research area. The field has grown significantly, with the addition of single atomic layer deposition ALD, from the early days of the mid to late 1980s where precursors had to be synthesized in-house to then decompose by gentle (more or less gentle) thermal treatment.

Rapid developments associated with CVD/ALD derived materials can surely be associated with the ever increasing number of volatile organometallic and inorganic – some may consider them as simple coordination complexes- that are commercially available.

Let’s simply say that the sheer number is impressive and has something for everyone and for whatever purpose the mind can think of. Applications ranging from high dielectric oxides or transparent conductive films within electronics to protective coatings for clothing. The materials include high purity silicon-containing reagents to volatile rare-earth precursors.

Strem has been involved in this field for quite some time and an extensive list of compounds are available for use in CVD/ ALD related chemistry, see its CVD/ALD section at listing hundreds of materials. These materials can be supplied on their own, within customers' containers or custom bubblers/cylinders designed to be compatible with commercial equipment. These easily connected units made of stainless steel, come pre-charged with your favorite material and represent a plug-and-play approach to the once tedious synthetic task of actually making and handling such volatile and often harmful materials.

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