Thursday, January 21, 2016

AVS - Atomic Layer Etching Workshop 2016, 24th-25th July 2016, Dublin, Ireland

Extending Moore’s law beyond the 10nm node will increasingly rely on high precision processes employing new materials with high-quality surfaces. Atomic layer etching & atomic layer clean technology is a promising pathway to achieve these fundamental requirements.

In conjunction with ALD 2016 the AVS Plasma Science and Technology Division will be hosting a workshop on Atomic Layer Etching.  The goals of the meeting are to provide research focus, report progress to-date and foster collaboration to accelerate this unique capability. Latest findings are expected from experts at major universities, semiconductor manufacturers and leading equipment suppliers.

Details regarding the workshop programme will be announced soon.

You can register for ALD2016 (one day or three days, 25-27 July) and the Atomic Layer Etch workshop (one day, 25 July), as well as for the joint ALD/ALE tutorial (half-day, 24 July). As part of the registration process and for tracking purposes, we ask that you indicate your primary interest in Atomic Layer Deposition or Atomic Layer Etching.

Register here.

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