Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Beneq ALD - awesome it is

Unbelivable - story from Beneq that was published today on their Blog.

From Beneq Blog: It is a well-known fact that atomic layer deposition provides the ultimate protection against moisture, corrosion and tarnishing. But did you know that ALD can also protect against dark forces? The latest Star Wars movie is actually almost Finnish. Chewbacca is Finnish, the camera crew was partly Finnish and the alien dialect in the movie was created by a Finnish lady

Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) wearing Planetoid Valleys necklace by Lapponia Jewelry. Photo © Lucasfilm Ltd
The best-known Finnish object in the Star Wars sequel, however, probably still is the Planetoid Valleys necklace Princess Leia wore in the original movie released in 1977.
Read the full story on the Beneq Blog:  http://www.beneq.com/blog/201601/may-the-coating-be-you.html

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