Tuesday, January 26, 2016

ALD sales booming for Arradiance GEMStar XT line

It seems that the rather wicked prognosis made by Gartner and others that ALD equipment market will doouble until 2018 may really be for all and not only the semiconductor OEMs. Here is goood news froom Arradiance that are steaming away!

As announced by Arradiance: Sales of GEMStar XT benchtop ALD systems including rapid market adoption of the new GEMStar XT-P plasma-enhanced system resulted in 73% sales growth in 2015 Coupled with a strengthened balance sheet, Arradiance expects to outgrow the market again in 2016.

GEMStar-8 XT PEALD™ Benchtop PEALD/Thermal ALD System

Arradiance LLC, manufacturer of the popular GEMStar family of benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems for research and light production, today announced an impressive 73% sales growth for 2015 of their highly popular GEMStar family of benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) systems for research and light production. 

“We are extremely gratified by the market acceptance of our GEMStar XT line of thermal ALD systems. Most notable is the adoption of our new GEMStar XT-P plasma plus thermal system; the world’s only commercial benchtop, plasma-enhanced tool,” said Arradiance President, Ken Stenton. 

The reactors are stackable!

“Introduction of plasma capability to our benchtop architecture has raised the profile of the product line to a new level,” explained Mr. Stenton. “Customers now view Arradiance as a full-service ALD equipment company, on par with or exceeding the capabilities of companies that offer much larger and more expensive commercial systems. The number of films and applications being developed on the GEMStar systems is growing geometrically.”

Arradiance entered the ALD equipment market in 2010 and has since become one of the fastest growing companies in a crowded field. Customers cite innovation, attention to design detail and superior aftermarket service as some of the reasons for the company’s growing success. Looking forward, Mr. Stenton predicted that, “Coupled with an increased level of support from our investment partners, our existing backlog and sales pipeline should propel Arradiance sales growth to again outpace the market in 2016. Driven by new applications in energy, bio-engineering and high energy physics, demand for reasonably priced, full feature ALD systems continues to grow.”

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