Sunday, November 1, 2015

High Throughput ALD Process at High Pressure Operations used to coat a VW Karman Ghia window

Here is a very, very, very interesting PhD thesis in ALD - woah! It is full of ground breaking and innovative ALD hardware solutions including a mobile ALD machine that you can dock to any flat surface anywhere and apply an ALD coating. Also includes ALD coatings on textile, synthetic fiber, and paper that may very well become future ALD business.

I promise you it is really worth spending time with this thesis - enjoy!

"High Throughput Atomic Layer Deposition Processes: High Pressure Operations, New Reactor Designs, and Novel Metal Processing"

Moatazbellah Mahmoud Mousa, North Carolina Stat University


Docking an ALD machine to the back window of a Volkswagen Karman Ghia and performing a characteristic LAD linearity test.

The motivation

"The overall motive of this work is to demonstrate that controllable nanoscale thin film coatings can be achieved on macroscale objects, without the constraint of a reactor chamber in a well controlled laboratory environment. Therefore, as a proof of concept demonstration, we transported the system shown in Figure 5.1 [inserted below] outside the lab and attached the ALD delivery head to the window of an auto mobile in a parking area adjacent to our laboratory building. This same system was used to deposit the films shown and analyzed in Figure 5.2. Figure 5.4a [inserted above] shows a photograph of the system on a lab cart, where the delivery head is attached to the automobile window as shown in Figure 5.4b [inserted above]. In this demonstration, we chose to deposit a film on the window of an older Volkswagen because the window could be readily removed and carried to the lab for ellipsometry analysis [results below, linearity check]." 
 ALD delivery head and apparatus for the mobile ALD machine.

Resulting Al2O3 coating deposited in the car window and the Thickness vs. cycles plot showing a perfect linear relationship.

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