Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BENEQ - The ALD OEM, IDM & Foundry

BENEQ - the ALD Foundry, IDM & OEM. Besides producing displays like an IDM and building ALD Equipment like any OEM, BENEQ is now offering ALD capacity in their factory that has 40 ALD Batch tools for foundry production as a Foundry. This is for sure a very broad and unique business model covering a big portion of the value chain. They call it "Thin as a Service™" and it covers a complete ALD service solution that will provide "a quick and easy way to implement ALD from the first samples to full-blown production".

The service solution consists of two parts - a R&D service that aims to find the customized ALD solution the customer is looking for followed by the industrial production solution that applies the results on the customer’s end products.  The first service part is based on a business process BENEQ calls "ALD-123™" and a development process shown in the diagram above. At the end the customer can choose to buy their own ALD equipment or continue using BENEQ as a foundry.

Read mor of this offering in a recent Blog by BENEQ :

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