Monday, November 16, 2015

BENEQ launches fast large area Spatial ALD

Following some of the other ALD companies (e.g. Veeco, SoLayTec, Levitech, Lotus, ALD NanoSolutions) BENEQ announced last Friday on their new Blog the coming of new spatial ALD equipment that is now going in to piloting. They will be sharing more information about the pilot runs with their new spatial ALD equipment later in through their blog :

"The result is a revolutionary spatial ALD solution that takes the whole concept of continuous ALD to the next level, with processing scale and throughputs that have not been possible before. The ALD process now is like an automated car-wash, where the substrates move on a production line and each phase of the treatment is applied on the move. Based on the first results, it looks like we will completely redefine what high speed in ALD manufacturing means."

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