Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The agenda for the ALD Lab Dresden Symposium at SEMICON Europa is now set!

The agenda for the ALD Lab Dresden Symposium is now set! If you are attending and representing a company or any organization with an offering in ALD or ALE - please brig alog your flyers, coffee mugs, hats and pensand I will sort out a table that is bug enought for displaying it.


 Tuesday, 6 October 2015

 09:00WelcomeOrganized by:

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Prof. Johann W. Bartha, TU Dresden

 09:15In situ monitoring of Atomic Layer Deposition in porous materials

Martin Knaut, TU Dresden

 09:40Passivation of MEMS by Atomic Layer Deposition

Matthias Schwille, Robert Bosch

 10:05Growth Monitoring by XPS and LEIS Investigations of Ultrathin Copper Films Deposited by Atomic Layer Deposition

Dileep Dhakal, TU Chemnitz/FhG ENAS

 10:30High-k dielectrics by ALD for BEOL compatible MIM

Wenke Weinreich, FhG IPMS-CNT

 10:55ALD coatings for applications as permeation barrier and protective layer in fiber-reinforced materials
Mario Krug, FhG IKTS

 11:20ALD for solar cell application
Ingo Dirnstorfer, NaMLab

 11:45Plasma enhanced ALD process for TiO2- and WO3- films

Alexander Strobel, FH Zwickau

 12:10Lunch Break (Conversation, Networking, Finger food)

 13:00Why do we need Atomic Layer Etching

Jonas Sundqvist, Lund University/TU Dresden

 13:25Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition and Atomic Layer Etching

Prof. Fred Roozeboom, TU Eindhoven/ TNO Eindhoven

 13:50Atomic Layer Etching: What Can We Learn from Atomic Layer Deposition?

Harm Knoops, Oxford Instruments/TU Eindhoven

 14:15Hardmask and side wall protection during dry etching with plasma enhanced deposition during dry etching for ALE purposes

Stephan Wege, Plasway

 14:40Industrial High Throughput Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment and Process for OLED Encapsulation

Jacques Kools, Encapsulix

 15:05Closing Remarks / Wrap Up

Prof. Johann W. Bartha, TU Dresden


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