Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TiC PEALD workfunction tuning by SK Hynix and KAIST

Here is an interesting paper on TiC PEALD workfunction tuning by SK Hynix and KAIST. They show how the workfunction of  PEALD TiC film is affected by growth temperature and a tunable WF of TiC film is compatible with a gate-first and/or gate-last process.

TiC ALD was deposited by cycling TiCl4 and TMA, in this case TMA was used as a source of carbon and H2 as a reactant gas with a plasma power of 300 W and argon as a purge gas and carrier gas.The films were characterized as MOS capacitor consisting of a TiC/SiO2/Si stack and the WF was extracted classically by having various SiO2 thicknesses.

Temperature control for the gate workfunction engineering of TiC film by atomic layer deposition

Choong-Ki Kim,  Hyun Jun Ahn, Jung Min Moon, Sukwon Lee, Dong-II Moon, Jeong Soo Park, Byung-Jin Cho, Yang-Kyu Choi, Seok-Hee Lee, 

The effects of the deposition temperature on titanium carbide film formed by atomic layer deposition are investigated for gate workfunction (WF) engineering. As the deposition temperature increases from 250 °C to 500 °C, the WF of the TiC decreases from 5.24 eV to 4.45 eV. This WF dependency on the deposition temperature is mainly attributed to the average WF of each orientation of the sub-planes of the TiC film. An investigation of a tunable WF is conducted through Auger electron spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction.

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