Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Picosun and Nanexa collaborate in ALD for Medical technology in ECSEL InForMed led by Philips

Picosun Oy provides the advanced ALD coating solutions to enable the next generation of cutting-edge medical technology.

ALD’s unique ability to form perfectly hermetic but still ultra-thin encapsulation layers to cover even the smallest, most complex surface details and particles is an invaluable asset to the medical equipment and medicine manufacturers. It increases the operational life, reliability, and safety of the equipment and enables advanced synthesis, delivery, and dosing of medical substances. Several ALDmaterials are naturally biocompatible and, as a gas-phase, low temperature method, ALD allows coating of sensitive substrates such as plastics and polymers – key materials in various medical devices.

“Incorporation of our ALD solutions into the field of medical technology opens up an interesting new market for us. ALD-enabled medical innovations already create growth and success for our customers – an example being recently stock listed Nanexa AB in Sweden, which utilizes our ALD technology in production of nanofabricated drug delivery Systems. In InForMed, one of our new, inter-European ECSEL projects we cooperate with the leading industries in the field. We are excited to see our ALDexpertise realize the most advanced, better, safer, and patient-friendly diagnostics and treatment equipment,” states Juhana Kostamo, Managing Director of Picosun.

Source: PrNewsWire
Picosun ALD Breaks Through in Medical Technology

The InForMed project - ECSEL Joint Undertaking

The project InForMed (An integrated pilot line for micro-fabricated medical devices), running from 1st June 2015 to 31st May 2018 is financed by ECSEL Joint Undertaking.

The InForMed project will establish an industrial integrated micro-fabrication pilot line for medical devices, covering the complete innovation chain from technology concept to system qualification.

The heart of the pilot line is the industrial facility of Philips Innovation Services (PInS), which will serve as a small/medium-scale production and assembly facility, qualified for medical devices. Connected to this infrastructure are European partners who provide complementary capabilities that enable the heterogeneous integration required for these devices.

The pilot line is fed by new concepts, generated by academic and industrial research. For high volume production the pilot line is connected to well established foundries. Protocols have been defined to ensure an efficient transfer of technologies from the concept creation phase (TRL 4/5) to the pilot line, and from the pilot line to high volumes production (TRL 7/8).

The pilot line is demonstrated by six demonstrator products that cover innovations in existing markets, enable emerging markets and pioneer new markets, respectively. The pilot line will help consolidating Europe’s strong position in diagnostic equipment, and it will create innovative value chains in emerging and new markets in medical equipment and even pharmacology.

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