Sunday, June 7, 2015

Nanodiamond ball bearings wrapped in graphene create a virtually frictionless surface

A method that reduces friction between two surfaces to almost zero on macroscopic scales has been demonstrated by US researchers. The phenomenon combines nanodiamonds with sheets of graphene, which curl around the nanodiamonds to form ‘nanoscrolls’ that lubricate the two surfaces. As friction wastes so much energy in all sorts of mechanical devices this discovery has huge potential to save both energy and money.

Formation of the graphene scroll around nanodiamond at 300 K with sliding velocity of 40m/s in x-direction in a dry environment. The movie demonstrate the dynamic evolution of graphene patches from flat flakes to scrolls around the nano diamonds.

Just looking at the movie you want to go in there and test out how the system would react on a couple of ALD cycles of different materials.

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