Thursday, June 4, 2015

Cambridge Nanotech delivers Phoenix G2 Batch ALD system to Japan

Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech today reports that a Major Japanese manufacturer to use their  Phoenix G2 Batch Atomic Layer Deposition system for thin-film deposition on large area substrates. "The ability to deposit batch ALD solutions using ozone instead of H2O opens the door to new opportunities in several markets." Check out my previous blog on using ozon in ALD here.

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Ultratech, Inc. (Nasdaq: UTEK), a leading supplier of lithography, laser­ processing and inspection systems used to manufacture semiconductor devices and high­brightness LEDs (HB­ LEDs), as well as atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems, announced that its Cambridge NanoTech business unit Ultratech-CNT has delivered a new, second-generation production tool, the Phoenix G2 Batch ALD system to a major Japanese manufacturer. The system was purchased for its ability to deposit on multiple large area substrates utilizing a new, high-output oxidant source. Ultratech CNT is at the cutting-edge of nanotechnology thin-film development and leads the field with new innovations and technologies enabling it to meet the high demands of the expanding ALD market.

The company introduced the first Phoenix system in 2008 followed by enhanced models of the system in 2010. The current Phoenix G2 further expands the capabilities of the tool, and offers production-oriented safety and stability features. The Phoenix G2 thermal ALD system is a large format batch tool with flexibility to handle wafers, large planar substrates, and non-planar objects. Multiple operation modes enable manual and automated use of the system, thereby providing the end user the freedom of transitioning from research and development to production in a single platform. As a versatile, thin-film deposition technique, ALD usage is ever increasing, along with its role as an enabler in a broad spectrum of critical technologies, such as microelectronics, lighting and display, energy storage, MEMS, data storage and more. As a result, the Phoenix G2 system speeds the transition from lab-to-fab.

Ultratech Cambridge NanoTech Vice President of Global Sales, ALD Products, Bob Kane, said, "The ability to deposit batch ALD solutions using ozone instead of H2O opens the door to new opportunities in several markets. With new ALD applications emerging every week, the Phoenix G2 is designed for use in any environment from pilot to volume production with industry-leading reliability. As the leading ALD supplier to academic institutions and industrial manufacturers worldwide, Ultratech CNT will continue to develop bridge-tool solutions that implement new technologies and techniques that enable the transition from research to manufacturing environments."

Ultratech CNT's Phoenix G2 Batch ALD System

The Phoenix is engineered for high throughput and maximum uptime in any fabrication environment, from pilot production to industrial-grade manufacturing. Technologists and researchers rely on the Phoenix for repeatable, highly-accurate film deposition on flat and 3-D substrates alike. And with support for up to six individual precursor lines, the Phoenix delivers solid, liquid, or gaseous process chemistries depending on the thin film needs. The precise software control of process parameters, including temperature, flow and pressure, provide defect-free coatings on the most sensitive substrates. A compact footprint and innovative design, plus numerous automation options, makes Phoenix G2 system the practical choice for those with batch production ALD requirements. 

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