Monday, June 15, 2015

Hooking together European research in Atomic Layer Deposition

Now the stand-alone HERALD Page is up ( HERALD (COST action MP1402) aims to structure and integrate European research activity in atomic layer deposition (ALD), bringing together existing groups, promoting young scientists and reaching out to industry and the public. ALD is a unique technique for growing ultra-thin films that is enabling new developments in high-tech manufacturing sectors such as electronics, energy and coatings.

With interest growing worldwide, the time is right to coordinate European activity in this field, which until now has been fragmented, despite the presence of world-leading research groups and companies. The scientific collaborations in HERALD will cover new processes (precursor chemicals and equipment), fundamental understanding (metrology and modeling), innovative materials (nanoscale interfaces, 2D materials) and applications (semiconductor devices, photovoltaics, energy storage, sensors, protective coatings for organic elements and fibers). Networking activity will consist of bursaries for lab visits, topical workshops, conference support,  joint publications and marketing. It is intended to establish a framework for this activity in Europe that will outlast the duration of HERALD and ensure Europe's leading position into the future.

Upcoming HERALD events in 2015

Co-organised workshop (WG4) Novel High k Application Workshop 9-10 March 2015 Dresden, DE
WG1 workshop Workshop on ALD fundamentals and reaction mechanisms 8-9 Jun 2015 Eindhoven, NL
Training school (including WG5) Atomic Layer Deposition: method and applications 6-7 Jul 2015 Brescia, IT
Co-organised conference (WG2) 20th Biannual European Conference on Chemical Vapour Deposition (EUROCVD20) 13-17 Jul 2015 Sempach, CH
WG3 workshop Workshop on ALD applications for battery materials 15-16 Sep 2015 Gent, BE
Co-organised conference Baltic ALD conference 28-29 Sep 2015 Tartu, ES
Action meeting, all WGs Annual HERALD Day 30 Sep 2015 Tartu, ES
Co-organised workshop (WG4) and training school ALD Symposium at SEMICON Europa 6-8 Oct 2015 Dresden, DE
Co-organised workshop (WG1) Simulation of chemistry-driven growth phenomena for metastable materials 8-11 Nov 2015 Marburg, DE

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