Monday, June 1, 2015

Applications of Metal Cyclopentadienyl CVD and ALD Precursors by STREM

Here is a backgound blog by STREM in AZO Nano on why and when to use metal cyclopentadienyl precursors for CVD and ALD.

Applications of Metal Cyclopentadienyl Precursors

Cyclopentadientyl precursors have been used for the deposition via ALD of electroluminescent (EL) SrS and BaS thin films doped with Cu, Ce, Pb, Mn, or Eu.

The study results show that the use of the cyclopentadienyl-based dopants may lead to improvements in the performance of EL devices. Depositing noble metal films using ALD to be used in magnetic recording media and integrated circuits has been achieved using Cp complexes, such as Ru(EtCp)2, as precursors. Separately, ZrO2 thin films have been grown at 350ºC on silicon (100) substrates via ALD using (CpMe)2ZrMe2 and (CpMe)2Zr(OMe)Me with ozone as the oxygen source, causing deposition of highly conforming films onto high aspect ratio trenches.

HfO2 thin films with good dielectric properties have also been deposited onto p-Si(100) substrates through ALD using Cp2Hf(CH3)2 and water. Ultra-thin films of hafnium and zirconium oxides are considered to have the greatest potential to replace SiO2 as high-k gate oxides as semiconductor technology moves to 45 nm technology.

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