Monday, October 26, 2015

JUST RELEASED: TECHCET 2015-16 Dielectric Precursors Report

JUST RELEASED: 2015-16 Dielectric Precursors Report
The 2015 market for dielectric precursors is expected to total $230M, of which over 25% is attributed to low-k dielectrics, according to the new 2015-16 TECHCET Critical Materials Report on Dielectric Precursors. New players are getting into this growing market, where SOD still represents ~50% of total revenues. Multi-patterning schemes and high aspect ratio features in both logic and memory devices are driving the adoption of novel low κ dielectrics, innovative gap fill processes and sacrificial layers to support integration of FinFET's and advanced Flash and DRAM capacitor stacks. Click here for details on how to get the Dielectric's Report. 
Dielectric Precursor Market Size Forecast ($USD)
Precursor revenue by type, see report for details.
What is included in the report?
TECHCET's 2015 Dielectric Precursors Report provides strategic information on the dielectrics market, including revenue by precursor type/application, and market share ranking. It also includes critical information used to ensure business continuity and support category management of the CVD, ALD, and SOD dielectric markets and their supply chains. In addition to business and technology trends, supply chain, and geopolitical issues that impact dielectric precursors are also discussed in this year's report.
TECHCET Celebrates 15 Years of Critical Materials!
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