Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Training School on the Chemistry of ALD 19 and 20 march in Luxembourg

HERALD COST action (MP1402: Hooking together European research in Atomic Layer Deposition) and MASSENA doctoral program (Materials for Sensing and Energy harvesting) co-organize a Training School entitled “Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition” (https://www.list.lu/en/event/belux3/ ) the 19 and 20 march in Luxembourg.

Experts from ALD-complementary fields animate a two days’ interactive training school about aspects associated with the chemistry behind the ALD process.
The following aspects will be addressed:
1-ALD opportunities and challenges by Dr. Elisabeth Blanquet, Univ. Grenoble Alps, Research Director, SIMAP, France
2- Precursor design and its impact on the ALD chemistry and kinetics  by Dr. Jean-Marc Girard, CTO and Head of R&D at Air Liquide Advanced Materials, France
3- Modelling aspects and tools by Dr. Alain Estève, Research Director, Head of NEO group “Nano-Engineering and integration of metal-Oxide-based nanostructures and their interfaces” LAAS-CNRS, France
4- In situ investigation of the ALD process by Dr. Martin Knaut, Institute of Semiconductors and Microsystems, Dresden, Germany
5- Approaches for area-selective ALD by Dr. Christophe Vallée, CEA – LETI - MINATEC, Grenoble, France. Head of the material department of Polytech Grenoble, Professor at Grenoble Alpes University and at Tsukuba University (Japan).

Limited number of travel grants (650 €/participant) will be given upon evaluation of applications. Participation from ITC countries is strongly encouraged. Thank you to inform us of your application in the registration form.

COST Action MP1402 - HERALD
Hooking together European research in Atomic Layer Deposition

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