Monday, March 5, 2018

Beneq Roll-to-roll for continuous ALD film deposition

Roll-to-roll for cost-effective ALD

[From Beneq Blog] The implementation of roll-to-roll is important for cost-effective ALD in several areas. One of the most important applications areas is ALD coatings as barriers for polymer substrates. The barrier films are critical for encapsulation and moisture barrier protection for flexible organic light emitting diodes (OLED) displays and thin film solar cells.

Internal Beneq results confirmed by independent laboratories have shown that Al2O3 ALD coatings using TMA and ozone form excellent gas barriers with WVTR values of about 1x10-5 g/m2/ at 38C/85% relative humidity.

Beneq WCS 600

The Beneq WCS 600 is the ideal option for customers looking for a large and cost-effective ALD roll-to-roll system. Typical non-uniformities are less than 2% across the web width for a typical Al2O3 coating.  A WVTR of 10-4 g/m2 day can be expected at a web speed of 0.25 meters/minute.

The Beneq WCS 600 a large and cost effective ALD roll-to-roll system (
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