Sunday, March 25, 2018

UPDATED : Report from EFDS ALD for Industry 2018 in Dresden Germany

While we wait for the high class photographs from Martin Knaut, here is a collection of photos and thoughts collected in social media during and after the event. The first days event, the lab tours and tutorials was sponsored by HERALD COST action MP1402 - (LINK).


This year was a success and we grew slightly from last year to 80 participants in the tutorials, more than 90 delegates in total and 18 exhibiting sponsors. Out of the participants more than 70% came for the industry - hope to see more of you next year in April for EFDS ALD for Industry 2019!

Event page (LINK)

Day 1 - Lab tours, Tutorial and Social Event

Tour 1: Fraunhofer IKTS

The Thin Film Technology group at IKTS is engaged in research and development of CVD and ALD technologies for a broad range of applications. Several methods are used:
  • thermal CVD processes at low pressure and atmospheric pressure (LPCVD, APCVD)
  • plasma-enhanced CVD (PECVD)
  • atomic layer deposition (ALD). 
Layer materials like hard coatings, aligned carbon nanotubes (CNT), metal nitrides and dielectrics based on oxides of hafnium, zirconium and titanium and different perovskite materials is the main focus. The applications cover wear-resistant coatings & hard metals, actuating elements, sensors, lithium batteries and energy management and microelectronics.

Pictures form the lab tour as provided by EFDS.

Tour 2: IHM / NaMLab, TU Dresden

Update will follow

Tour 3: Fraunhofer IPMS (CNT) 

Update will follow

  1. Welcome and Overview of Industria ALD, Jonas Sundqvist, Fraunhofer IKTS, Dresden, Germany
  2. Introduction to ALD, Johann Wolfgang Bartha, IHM, TU Dresden, Germany
  3. On Modelling Atomic Layer Etch processes: A Theoretical Perspective, Suresh Natarajan, Tyndall National Lab, Ireland
  4. What ALD can learn from CVD and what CVD can learn from ALD, Henrik Pedersen, Linköping University, Sweden
  5. ALD equipment and processes, Martin Knaut, TU Dresden, Germany
  6. ALD Precursor Development: From Laboratory to Industry, Paul Williams, Pegasus Chemicals, United Kingdom
  7. ALD chemistry on the computer, Andreas Zienert, Fraunhofer ENAS, Chemnitz, Germany 
Saxonian dinner at »Freiberger Schankhaus«

Day 2 - Exhibition and Workshop

The workshop had in total 18 sponsors from the ALD Industry that were also participating in the exhibition.

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