Monday, March 5, 2018

ISAC Research - South Korean ALD OEM

Today I came across a South Korean ALD OEM that I have not descovered previously. Possibly this company is well knwon elsewhere - ISAC Research. According to their web they supply a full range of ALD equipment covering all wafer sizes up to 300 mm, batch processing for CIGS and also powder processing.

  • Patterning spacer (SiO, SiON, SiOC, SiN)  
  • Gate high-k (HfO)
  • Capacitor high-k (ZrO)
  • Diffusion barrier (TiN,TaN)
  • Moisture barrier (AlO)
  • ITO etching barrier (AlO)
  • Transparent conducting oxide (ZnO, Al:MgO, SnMgO)
  • AlO passivation for c-Si solar cell
  • ZnOS buffer layer for CIGS thin film solar cell


  • ALD coating on micro- and nanosized particles (Pt, Ru)
  • Functional coating
  • LiBS coating (AlO)
  • Moisture barrier (AlO)
Surface protection
  • Anti-corrosion coatings for metal

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