Monday, March 19, 2018

Amazing rock n roll ALD machine from Boulder Colorado

Those of you that follow ALD knows that much of the new cool and exciting ALD processes, precursors and technology comes out of Boulder Colorado and especially the Prof. Geroge Group. Some personal favourites and examples are:

- Tungsten ALD
- Low temperature SiO2 catalytic ALD [LINK]
- Implementation of QCM in ALD as a standard tool
- Reverse ALD with new chemistries a.k.a. thermal ALE
- ALD on particles

Obviously many other labs also work hard on these new approaches but somehow the Gerorge Lab always produce that fundamental benchmarking type or research that you tend to return to long after it was published. The best thing is that all the publications are listed and partially available in the long list of publications (LINK) so it is easy to come back later and find the publications.

Just the other day this amazing video of a rock n roll ALD machine from Boulder Colorado was posted on LinkedIn (LINK) by Alexander Yersak, who is a post doc there. Turn on the volume and have a look yourself!

Video downloaded from LinkedIn (LINK)

Check out Alexander Yersak Research Gate profile for access to some of his publications (LINK) lik these ones for example:
Rapid Characterization of Thin Film Dissolution in Water with in Situ Monitoring of Film Thickness Using Reflectometry
Atmospheric pressure spatial atomic layer deposition web coating with in situ monitoring of film thickness

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