Saturday, March 12, 2016

Great summary of the patterning options at 7nm

As many of you know, the insertion of multi patterning technology is driving the single wafer and multi wafer ALD equipment market enormously. The actually the market is predicted by many (Gartner, ASMi, VLSI) to double in the coming 2-3 years and many new players are entering ALD with new powerful ALD technology Lam Research, Applied Materials and Jusung Engineering have new platforms on the market targeting the multi patterning market and Veeco is developing new low temperature Fast Spatial ALD also targeting this market. Here is a collection of recent blog posts on this topic here at BALD Engineering ALD News Blog:

ASM International's CEO Chuck Del Prado on 2015 ALD results
Applied Materials to introduce a new system for Atomic Layer Deposition - Olympia™ ALD

Lam Research gets into the booming ALD business and doubles their install base 

Jusung Engineering launches SDP R2 Revolution-Rotation ALD System at SEMICON Korea
Veeco brings low temperature nitride Spatial FAST ALD to semiconductor manufacturing

From this point of view it is good to understand what the options are at 7nm where the number of multi patterning steps may be fore than a handful. Therefore a recommend you to read this article by Mark LaPedus in Semiconductor Engineering with the latest insights from SPIE 2016.

7nm Lithography Choices

Four possible scenarios for patterning the next generation of chips

March 7th, 2016 - By: Mark LaPedus
1. A chipmaker doesn’t insert EUV at 7nm, but rather it uses immersion/multi-patterning exclusively.
2. A chipmaker uses immersion/multi-patterning first. Then, EUV is inserted later in the flow where it makes sense.
3. A chipmaker inserts immersion/multi-patterning and EUV simultaneously.
4. A chipmaker uses an alternative technique, such as DSA and multi-beam.


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