Sunday, March 27, 2016

UHV PEALD system from AdNaNoTek

Here is a company for ALD that I was not aware of before that I came across while surfing internet. AdNaNoTek's is building all types of UHV Deposition Systems for MBE, PLD, IBSD, Sputtering, E-beam Evaporatioon, Thermal Evaporatioon, etc. and are now also offering a PEALD system.  Below is some information available from their web: LINK

Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD - 6)

AdNaNoTek's Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (PEALD - 6) can deposit epitaxial thin-film with extremely high quality and repeatability. This PEALD system is specially equipped with microwave plasma generator which produces plasma from successive ionization, vibrational excitation, and collision. Sufficient precursor units are provided to introduce deposition materials unto the substrate using a sophisticated gas control panel. The deposition chamber and substrate manipulator provides precise control of vacuum condition and substrate temperature to ensure epitaxial deposition process.

In addition, precise control and high stability is achieved by making the process automated with the use of the FBBEAR control software. The FBBEAR control software, provides complete data logging, precise parameter tuning  which allows user to have easy operation and reliable experimental repeatability.

PEALD can be applied for thin layer deposition of materials like: Silicon, Silicon oxide, etc.

MAIN SPECIFICATIONS (under construction):
  • Cylindrical SS316L electropolised chamber (1E-10 Torr)
  • 8-inch quick access door
  • 4-axis (XYZR) Laser heating sample manipulator (20 mm xy motion, 100mm z motion, continuous 360° rotation)
  • 1-inch sample holder (size upto 6-in)
  • Heating temperature up to 1000°C ± 1°C (in 1 atm O2 or O3 process gas)
  • High pressure RHEED system (real-time epitaxy monitoring)
  • Turbo pump with rough pump
  • Metal leak valves
  • Full range vacuum gauge
  • Industrial computer with 23" touchscreen
  • Full system control software (FBBear)
  • Large space with many ports for versatile expansion/upgrades
  • HV Load lock SS304 electropolished chamber (1E-7 Torr) with full range vacuum gauge and turbo pump

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