Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Critical Materials Conference (CMC) announcement of speakers

The Critical Materials Conference is a 2 day event, May 5-6 in Hillsboro, OR, has now announced speakers!

Please check the Conference web for all information:

May 4 (Wed, night)
5pm to 7pm, Evening Welcome Reception

May 5 (Thurs) - Day 1

Session I: Global Strategic Initiatives and the Supply Chain
Gus Richard -Northland Securities
Risto Puhakka – VLSI Research
Lita Shon-Roy – TECHCET
Keith Long - USGS
Session II: Immediate Challenges of Materials & Manufacturing

Jim Feldhan - SEMICO
Bruce Adams - TECHCET
Bassam Elkhatib - Texas Instruments
Rob Nine - Pall Corp.
Jeff Hemphill - Intel

Unusual Round Table
Evening Reception: 5pm – 7pm

May 6 (Fri) - Day 2 (1/2 day)

Session II, continued, Immediate Challenges
Jean Marc Girard, Ph.D. - Air Liquide
S.I. Lee - Veeco

Session III: Emerging & Revolutionary Materials
Jan Vardaman – TechSearch International
Jonas Sundqvist, Ph.D. – TECHCET
John Smythe – Micron
David Thompson, Ph.D. - Applied Materials
Max Kelman, Ph.D. – Aixtron
Dave Roberts, Ph.D. – Nantero
Dan Alvarez, Ph.D. - Rasirc

Panel Discussion & Wrap-Up

Hosted by TECHCET

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